Betfair App Review 2019 | Betting App

Betfair App Review 2019 | Betting App

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The Betfair app is second to none but for what Betfair is it doesn't have any rivals as such due to it's peer to peer betting exchange being the main focus, one of the most forward thinking betting companies in the world Betfair has so many things going for them with standout areas that cannot be matched by any other bookmaker.

Better Odds With Betfair

Betfair Betting App

Betfair Betfair - British Owned
Better Odds, More Markets Review
Be The Bookmaker Betfair


Betfair allows punters to actually be the bookmaker if they so wish and while you can bet the conventional way it's the standout feature of this award winning platform that is the talking point.

The concept in itself is a game changer, how many times have you wished that you could be the bookie, well Betfair offers the opportunity to make this a reality.

Betfair due to it's nature set the online betting world alight when it came onto the scene and made all the corporate bookmakers sit up and take note in such a short space of time.

Because it is punters that set the prices generally within reason the Betfair markets offer up better prices across all sports and racing markets and in the beginning they took so much business off the corporate bookmakers that they had to change the way they priced their markets and still to this day they have to keep an eye out on this award winning betting site due to the superior value it can offer up.


Betfair offer many cool features included within their mobile betting app some notable ones are listed below: 

Better Odds - While others offer odds boost's Betfair offers better prices all day everyday, that's a fact.

Be The Bookmaker - Peer to peer betting site allowing punters to lay selections as well as back them, absolute genius!!


I am still unsure why Betfair has not taken off here in Australia like it did in Europe, the concept is amazing and the extra value on offer is unbelievable, if you are looking for a new betting site then go and check out Betfair as you will not be disappointed.

The Betfair app is a solid option also but if you are using Betfair I would recommend going online sat behind your computer due to the fact that Betfair is what it is!!

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