Ladbrokes App Review 2019 | Betting App

Ladbrokes App Review 2019 | Betting App

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The Ladbrokes app as you would expect is flawless in every aspect, it's design is pretty much what a punter expects when looking for a betting app that is easy to navigate and has the built in functionality to make online betting speedy and hassle free, a definite winner within the mobile betting app world.


Ladbrokes Betting App

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InfoHub - Best Analyst Tool  Ladbrokes


On opening the Ladbrokes app you will quickly see that it very much resembles their online betting portal so if you have already signed up to Ladbrokes you will know the layout and have no issues navigating.

Their current promotions are set out in the old style banner module at the top and a quick click will send you to the desired page.

Quick links are easily visible in regards the up and coming racing and sporting events along with current promotions that punters are eligible to take advantage of.

To view your account information you can either swipe the screen to the left of tap on your username or balance at the top right of the screen.

Ladbrokes also have their full menu situated on the left hand side which will take to to certain markets and they also show off their key features with this menu including any free competitions they are currently running.


Ladbrokes offer many cool features included within their mobile betting app some notable ones are listed below:

Live Streaming - Ladbrokes offers selected live horse racing to its members throughout the week, place a bet and sit back and watch your selection charge home!!!

Ladbrokes offer live streams for a variety of different sporting events that are taking place around the well and as well as following all the NBA action.

You can watch live football games from a variety of different international leagues and tennis matches from a number of tournaments every single week.

This means that you can place a bet on any of these sporting events and instead of having to follow the scores in text form, on social media or on an illegal stream, you can instead enjoy the game absolutely free of charge on our website.

Multi Maker - If you love your multi-bets then this feature will suit you down to the ground and it allows punters to quickly navigate current markets.

Live Betting - Ladbrokes offer punters many options in regards live betting, just click on the phone icon to go directly to an operator.

Info Hub - Probably the best statistical hub for punters on the market, check sports and racing stats for an in-depth view on your chosen market.

The Ladbrokes InfoHub is a revolutionary feature that will legitimately change your online betting experience.

This incredibly innovative product will make you the most informed sport and racing punter in the country with the amazing array of data that is now available for horse racing and selected sporting events.

Not only does InfoHub offer you everything that you need to know about an upcoming race or sporting event but it is also extremely easy to use!


The overview of the race gives you a wide range of relevant information like: track conditions, weather, a brief race synopsis, how long there is until the start of the race and a synopsis of the top four runners in the market.

Form Guide:

The form guide provides the same information as the popular form guide that we have always featured on our website, so you will get all the same information but in an extremely easy to access format.

Featured Bets:

Featured Bets lets you see exactly where the big money has gone in the lead-up to a particular race.

If one of Australia’s biggest punters has $50,000 on Criterion in the lead-up to the Ladbrokes Caulfield Stakes then you will see it in the Featured Bets section of the InfoHub.


Fluctuations shows you the price movements for each and every runner in the lead-up to your selected race.

This data shows you the horses that have been well supported in the market and those that have been on the drift in the lead-up to the race.

Bet Tracker:

Bet Tracker basically takes the featured bets and the fluctuations to show you exactly how much has been wagered on every single horse in a selected race.

The volume of bets per runner is indicated by the blue line and the money that has been wagered per runner is indicated by the red line.

Live Video:

You can watch live coverage of the race you’re viewing directly in InfoHub.

If you are viewing a Victorian thoroughbred race, live coverage will begin three minutes before the scheduled start time.

Speed Maps:

Speed Maps are used to calculate the settling position of each horse in the first part of a race.

You can use data in Speed Maps to identify horses that end up leading the race, or settling at the back of the field.

This data can be helpful when trying to make a call on a runner’s winning prospects.


Ladbrokes are ideal for both the novice and seasoned punter as they have all the avenues covered, great key features, promotions and betting products.

The Ladbrokes app ticks all the boxes and they are one online bookmaker you should definitely have an account with, great promotions, great coverage and their Info-Hub is one of the best features in the industry. 

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I think Ladbrokes is currently the best bookmaker out there, love the infohub and free tipping
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