TABtouch App Review 2019 | Betting App

TABtouch App Review 2019 | Betting App

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You would expect the TABtouch app to be one of the best in the business with them being Western Australia's answer to TAB and UBET but the fact is that there are certainly better options on the market. These days punters only need to settle for the best mobile app and this one doe snot fall into that category and can be given a wide birth.

TABtouch Betting App

For an industry leader there has to be questioned asked as to why TABtouch have failed to move with the times in regards their online betting site and the TABtouch app, with so much new technology out there they are quickly being left behind as one of the also ran's due to their failure to give punters the best product available,

The TABtouch app when you open it looks outdated and when you start to play about inside the app it doesn't get much better either.

The performance is fine it's just a design that really isn't appealing on the eye and if you have already had a look at other mobile betting apps you will probably give this one a miss.

Not enough features with the app to warrant a punter to keep using this poor offering and they will quickly look for an alternative from one of TABtouch's rivals.


TABtouch offer some cool features included within their mobile betting app some notable ones are listed below:

Tipping Pools - one solid feature on offer from TABtouch are their tipping pools in which punters can pay to play against other like minded punters.

Good Things - Check out all the 'so called' hotpots of the day all in one place and decide if you are going to follow the money or take a back seat.


To be honest I am struggling to find things that stand out and would be a winner with potential punters so I guess we will leave it their for the TABtouch app.

More needed in regards key features and until the TABtouch app is brought into the 21st century I feel they are going to struggle.

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