TopBetta App Review 2019 | Betting App

TopBetta App Review 2019 | Betting App

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Again TopBetta are another one of the smaller online betting sites in Australia trying to compete with the big boys but unfortunately like their online portal they are lacking in so many areas, a few performance issues and a lack of key features makes the Topbetta app one to avoid in reality.


ClassicBet, MadBookie & TopBetta have merged to form PlayUp Oct 2019

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The Topbetta app is very basic and although they are one of the smaller operators in Australia there is little or no excuse for this, surely they must realise that a standout mobile app will attract many more new customers and the extra time and money spent will be well worth the effort. 

When you open the Topbetta mobile app you can see straight away that it is on the basic side, certainly no bells and whistles here on offer.

It is such a shame really as Topbetta offer some really forward thinking industry products and if they would just spend a little more time following the bigger betting sites in regards to their mobile app layout then they would surely reap the rewards.

Very basic left hand menu structure and they have even forgot to put a home button on either the left hand or bottom menu which makes it pretty tricky to navigate back.


Topbetta offer many cool features included within their mobile betting app some notable ones are listed below:

Global Tote - Better dividends with the global tote offered by Topbetta due to the lower percentage taken from pools in regards the three big tote operators.

Player Bets - Mix and match across several different sports pertaining to player performance within a game.


If you are into your fantasy and tournament play then Topbetta is definitely a betting site that has potential for you and your style of betting as they are the front runner in this regard, although the concept hasn't taken off as well as they would have expected there is enough in the pools to keep you playing.

Some good ideas but both the Topbetta app and their online betting site really do need work, they have many issues especially regarding their mobile app and until they revisit these and make it more punter friendly they will lose business and new customers hand over fist.

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