Find A Front Runner and Win With Betfair

Find A Front Runner and Win With Betfair

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One of the easiest and least labour intensive ways of making money through trading on Betfair is finding a few front runners throughout the days horse racing cards and backing them before the race begins. If you have done your homework correctly and they get to the front early watch the in-running price quickly drop enabling you to lay back your stake putting you in either a no lose position or a guaranteed winning position.

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There are a few ways to do this, if you are a novice it may well be worth getting some software that opens many doors on Betfair when trading.

I myself use Bet Angel which is I feel the best out there and has been established for many a year now and is proven.

How To Find The Front Runner

Before trading you will obviously have to find your horses you think will lead the field. One of the easiest ways of doing this is taking advantage of the free speed maps available on the days racing. Speed maps give you information on how a horse usually races each time it runs, is it a front runner, middle of the pack horse or a come from behind type.

I usually cross check two free speed maps one being from Punters and the other from Racing and Sports. Now with having two maps to crosscheck you will find that there will be many races where predicted leaders will be different. What you are looking for is the few times that both the speed maps indicate very strongly that there will be a clear front runner.

There are a few rules that I myself follow and I will only place a front runner bet if selections meet all the criteria set out. A few basic rules are below:

1. Maiden and novice races are out, make sure the races you concentrate on are for horses that are seasoned. There are to many variables for races that the runners have had limited starts.

2. Watch the odds, you do not want to be picking a rank outsider or an odds on favourite as the odds will not change to much in-running early. Keep the odds between $4.0 and $20.0

3. The barrier draw, very important for this type of bet. Make sure your charge is drawn well.

4. Race distance, the shorter the better stay away from long distance races. I like to look no further than races of 1600m - 1800m.

Get some software and learn the basics and then give it a go. If you study hard you will be onto a winner.

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