Simple Scalping With Betfair Tutorial

Simple Scalping With Betfair Tutorial

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Once you have found your feet on Betfair it's time to start making some serious money before the race has even begun, this is called scalping. Scalping is all about trends in the market and to help you with this there are many different software platforms available with many types of statistical data at your fingertips.

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A simple scalp as shown in the video consists of putting a back or lay bet in the marketplace and then coming back into the same marketplace and reversing your original trade for a gain.

An example would be as outlined below:

Lay a selection for a $100 stake at 4.0, when your bet has been matched then you place another trade and back the same selection as your lay bet but at greater odds.

You would place a back bet of $100 with odds at 4.1 or above. If that bet is matched you would have put two bets in the market on the same horse.

If that horse wins you would be liable to pay out $300 but you would receive $310 from your bet that you put back in the market.

You can do this as many time as you wish on any selection in the same market, sometimes your selection may move the wrong way in the market than you wanted so you may have to take a small loss but if you read the market correctly you can cancel out your original bet before it gets to the point that you are making a loss by coming back into the market on the opposing side and making a neutral bet at the same odds.

When scalping your software is vital as there is no guarantee that your chosen selection is going to win so with the help of the software we GREEN UP. This means that we spread the potential profit of the one runner we have across the rest of the field for a guaranteed win no matter the result.

Alternately if you have had a really bad trade on a market you can spread your loss over the field and turn a larger loss into a much smaller one.

With the software you have chosen you can GREEN UP with one one simple trade. The software will do the rest for you.

Take a look at our featured video on how to GREEN UP.

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