Trading On Betfair, Simple Tutorial

Trading On Betfair, Simple Tutorial

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If you have never used Betfair before then this video will point you in the right direction. The video has been made by a Betfair professional and all the ins and outs are explained in simple terms that even a novice can quickly understand enabling them to start trading straight away with confidence.

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Learn how Betfair works in a few easy steps.

This tutorial will allow you to set up your Betfair account the right way.

Once your dashboard has been set up you will have all the information at hand each time you place a win or a lay bet and you will quickly be able to see what your profit and loss situation will be when either betting or laying.

Learn how to adjust your odds to what your willing to lay a selection or what odds you want if you are backing in the event.

Learn the basics of trading on Betfair and how you can make money before the race or event has even begun. Yes that's correct a guaranteed win no matter the result.

Learn To Trade The Correct Way

Trading on Betfair should not be confused with gambling on Betfair. Trading when done correctly is not gambling as such, with information and stats at hand and a sound knowledge of how Betfair markets work trading on Betfair can be done on most events without even having to see the result.

If you are scalping or laying the field as an example when done correctly you will be in a profitable position before the event has even begun and you can move onto the next event knowing it doesn't matter to you who wins you a guaranteed a win.

Obviously there is a slight element of gambling in any trade as your selection may swing the wrong way be it if you have backed or layed but if you stick to your rules set in place you may lose on that specific market but that's trading you move onto the next market and apply the same strategy again and again and if your strategy is one with merit you will come out on top in the end.

Rules are very important when trading, I myself have my rules on the wall as a reminder of what is best practice and what makes a good trader. These rules you will learn usually by your mistakes but like anything so long as you learn by your mistakes and do not repeat them you will be the better for it.

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