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Tennis Betting Guide

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Tennis is another popular sport here is Australia and is widely played across the country, the Aussie sunshine is the perfect accompaniment for tennis enthusiasts as the long summers enable the sport to be played throughout the year.

Punters in Australia look to the grand slams each year for betting opportunities to make some cash as big odds are often available.

The tennis season starts off early in the year and the first grand slam come quickly starting up in January and the Australian Open always kicks off proceedings where the grand slams are concerned. The Australian Open is played on hard courts and often suits the big servers due to the fast pace but it is one of the more even services for both servers and base line players.

Second on the calendar of the four slams is the French Open, due to the location the French Open does not take place until May as this is when the European weather starts to warm up. This grand slam is played on clay which is the slowest tennis surface so the big hitting servers are often nullified here and punters look for better base line players due to the longer rallies that take place on clay.

Wimbledon is the third tennis grand slam of the year and kicks off in June over in England and is played on grass which can be lightening fast if the weather has been good and the rain has stayed away so the big servers tend to favour Wimbledon over the other three slams.

The last grand slam takes place in New York and the US Open as it is known is the last chance for players to lift one of the coveted four trophies for the season. Played on a hard court the surface levels the playing field for all and big servers and base line players can play to their strengths. 

Below is a list of the four tennis grand slams that are competed for each year, date and location:






Australian Open




French Open








US Open

New York


Common Bet Types For Tennis.

Head To Head.

This is a general win or lose bet placed on either of the two competing tennis players in a single match.

Set Betting.

This is a simple bet on how many sets will be played during the match, this type of bet is very popular with in play betting as it allows more options for a punter to bet on. 

Win and Correct Score.

This bet is a combination of a head to head and how many sets played.

Example - Any Murray to win the match 2-1, if Andy wins the match 2-1 then the bet is good but if he wins the match 2-0 then the bet is down, also if the other player wins the match then the bet is lost.

Most Aces.

A bet between both players on who will serve the most aces during the game, alternatively there are markets for a set player to score a certain amount of aces during the game. 

Example - Andy Murray to serve ten aces or more , if Andy serves nine aces or less the bet is lost if he serves ten aces or more the bet is good. Sometimes there will be a split market for under a certain amount, exact amount and then over the amount, in this case he would have to server eleven aces or more to win the bet as there will be separate odds for exactly ten.


Australian Open

Very popular with the Aussie punters as it is of course the home grown grand slam. Common bets placed on this event would be tournament winner in singles and doubles.


The oldest of the four grand slams and is quite often regarded as the most prestigious grand slam to win due to the long standing history associated with the event. Common bets placed on this event would be tournament winner in singles and doubles.

US Open

The second oldest of the four tennis grand slams common bets placed on this event would be tournament winner in singles and doubles.

French Open

Common bets placed on this event would be tournament winner in singles and doubles.

Davis Cup

The Davis Cup common bets placed on this event would be tournament winners.