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Over the last few years we have seen online bookmakers try to compete more and more with Ubet, TABtouch and the TAB in regards to tapping into the punters who each week punt down at the local pub and one of the best initiatives to come out of this has been the emergence of bookmaker ATM cards. Punters can now bet from their phones and withdraw their winnings on the spot from any ATM machine across Australia.

This means you can bet from your stool and not have to queue up time and time again and miss your event due to understaffed bars.

There is nothing worse for a punter than to have a Saturday afternoon on the punt with a few mates and you are climbing over other punters trying to get a bet put on, yes they now have the automated self serve terminals on the wall in certain pubs but if your rushed for time then trying to wade through the screens to get to your chosen market is the last thing you need.

Ladbrokes were the first to offer punters there very own ATM card out of the big sports betting sites but were soon followed by others and now most of the major online betting sites have the option of applying for an ATM card. 

Sportsbet, BetEasy, bet365 along with Ladbrokes sister sites Bookmaker and Betstar all now allow punters to have their very own card to withdraw your winnings.

Your card has the same attributes as any other Visa debit card meaning you can shop here and abroad or withdraw cash on the spot.

The cards attract no load up fees but you may still have to pay the service charge when using ATM's to withdraw funds.

If you haven't already applied for one of these cards then your missing out, simply follow the links through your betting account and your card will be sent out within days then you just have to activate your new ATM card and it's ready to use.

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