Australian Online Betting Overview

Australian Online Sports Betting Overview

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Since the introduction of online betting in Australia some thirty years ago more and more choice is given to the average punter on where they want to lay their money off when placing online bets, today's technology has made online betting so easy even your less than tech savvy grandma could place a wager.

The Australian betting industry has changed dramatically in recent times due to the influx of well established European online bookmakers joining the ranks and due to the extra competition this has created within the marketplace we have seen both the new European heavyweights and the already established Australian betting sites fighting for market share.

As in any competitive industry both new and existing bookmakers are always striving to stand out from the crowd with exciting new betting products and features.

Not long ago if you fancied a bet of any kind punters would head off to their local watering hole and place a bet using the TAB terminals provided by their states governing betting authority.

The controlling bodies consist of TAB owned by Tabcorp in New South Wales and Victoria, TABtouch owned by RWWA over in Western Australia and UBET owned by Tatts Group who have the broadest range catering for Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. 

As the internet and mobile phone technology became more prevalent many other bookmakers saw an opportunity to cash in at the hands of the brick and mortar agencies who just took too long to adapt to a more modern way of betting.

Already established foreign online bookmakers seizing the opportunity with both hands to step in and give punters better options and value.

It was reported back in 2016 that the foreign (European) contingent of online betting sites which have flooded the Australian market in recent times have already acquired half of Australia's estimated annual $29 billion online betting turnover.

In an ever increasing marketplace due to a huge online betting boom most noticeably due to smartphones and mobile betting apps, we may well see other established foreign bookmakers trying to cash in sometime in the future. 

If we look at the chart below and compare the mixed fortunes in recent times of established Australian bookmakers against the influx of European players we can see that the European online betting site comparison of growth is way out in front of the seemingly stagnant older Australian online bookmakers. 

The new betting sites Australia has embraced apart from Crownbet are two of the largest British bookmakers namely William Hill and Ladbrokes who both have decades of experience not only within the online betting scene but high street betting shops with both established over 80 years ago.

Australian Wagering Digital Turnover 2013-2016


The online betting boom started some time ago and the figures that are being published each year tell us that it is still ongoing with two thirds of Australian betting turnover now done digitally, in 2008 online betting only accounted for 17% of Australia's annual online betting turnover by the end of 2016 this figure has already risen to 65%.

Online betting is Australia's fastest growing form of gambling and the only one in which participation rates have increased within the last decade but it is the online arena which has come to the fore with high street betting, pubs and clubs losing market share year on year, figures released from 2016 saw these three avenues of online betting lose another 6% of their annual turnover. 

Currently within the Australian online betting industry European owned bookmakers have started to dominate due in main to them being able to adapt to the modern era quicker than the Australian TAB's.

As a punter it may well be an eye opener when I tell you just how many online bookmakers are not from these shores including Australia's largest online betting site Sportsbet who are owned by the Irish company Paddy Power Betfair.

Ladbrokes (who also own Betstar and Bookmaker), William Hill, Unibet, Bet365 are all European based betting companies who have thrived in recent years.

The ripple effects of the online betting boom within Australia has prompted drastic action between two of the longest established betting companies namely Tabcorp and TattsBet who are set to merger later this year and as latest figures show the merger is well warranted and needed if they are to stop their slide within the industry.

Tabcorp with 29 per cent of online betting turnover in 2016 is still in front of the field but losing ground within the marketplace and UBET (TattsBet) is struggling a long way behind with just 8 per, Sportsbet however grew market share last year up to 28.5%, as did newer players such as Ladbrokes and CrownBet,

Australian Gambling statistics 1989/90 - 2014/15 charts the astronomical rise of online betting in recent years and with the industry still on the up curve who knows what will happen regarding market share over the next few years.

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