Betting Apps, Best Australian Sports Betting Apps

Betting Apps, Best Australian Sports Betting Apps

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Here is our selection of the best betting apps in Australia, mobile betting apps have come a long way in a short period of time and what used to be the best betting app six months ago may now be one of the also ran's if the online betting site hasn't kept up to date with the ever changing mobile betting app technology.

Mobile betting has been around for a few years now but the difference in quality of mobile betting apps from then to now is huge as Australian online betting sites quickly realised the value of mobile betting apps in the modern world especially when it comes to the new generation of sports betting enthusiasts.

Mobile betting has been the perfect way in which online betting sites could tap into the long established pub culture regarding betting terminals as punters were finally given a choice of where they wanted to lay their money off while out and about.

All the leading online betting sites quickly grasped this new avenue of revenue with both hands offering punters added value across all popular sports and racing events if they chose to bet with them via their mobile betting app.

Punters generally are always on the lookout for the simplest way possible in which they can quickly and seamlessly place their bets and mobile betting apps offer the perfect solution not just in regards crowded betting terminals but also sat in front of the television at home.

No need in this day and age to turn on the laptop or computer just simply delve into your pocket, pull out your phone and open the app (betting made easy).

As you would expect all the online betting sites that have come out on top are all generally regarded as the best betting sites in the industry and they have all left no stone un-turned when it comes to the their feature rich mobile betting apps.

This is an important feature for any online sports betting site as the smoother the app is to navigate then the less time a punter has to spend looking for his or her correct sports market.

With the huge strides in technology over the last five years the Australian sports betting industry has also had to change with the times and keep up to date with new trends and features to keep their market share when it comes to online sports betting.

A poor performing app will eventually turn existing customers away and deter potential new customers from signing up when first visiting.

The best betting sites regular update their betting app's as technology changes in a bid to keep their app fresh which in turn keeps punters coming back for more.

Due to the recent surge in mobile betting it is essential that each betting site has an app that compliments their online sportsbook offering punters the same user experience within the their app as they would expect if they were using a laptop or tablet

Mobile betting apps should be easy to navigate and enable a punter to place a bet quickly without fear of the app crashing or lagging.

One of the areas that online betting sites have improved in recent times is the ability to place a bet quickly due to revised betting slip features that have been designed specifically with mobile betting apps in mind.

Another area that has improved in recent times is deposit options within mobile betting apps as the majority now offer the same deposit options without the need to redirect.

The below online betting sites have developed mobile betting apps that are easy to navigate enabling punters to swiftly find the markets they are looking for.

They have built in quick bet options within the betting slips enabling the punter to place their bets with little effort in a short period of time just in case your a close to post time.

Best Australian Betting Apps


The BetEasy app is well and truly the market leader and it boasts some of the best features within the betting app world.

The app has been designed with the punter in mind and every step has been taken to make sure the transition between markets and betting slip is seamless.

When you open the BetEasy app you are quickly drawn to the bottom of the screen, the media player allows punters to watch all three codes of Australian racing.

If you have never used the BetEasy app before it may take you a little time to get used too as it is slightly different than most but you will quickly come to love it.

Hold down one of the icons at the bottom of the page to reveal many of BetEasys key features, your account information is just a click away.

BetEasy do not have the standard left hand menu for sports and racing, just click on the icons at the bottom of the screen to reveal current racing and sports markets.

BetEasy in such a short space of time have firmly established themselves as one of the best Australian online bookmakers and their app is one of the best available.



The Ladbrokes app is flawless, it's design is pretty much what a punter is looking for in a betting app, easy to navigate and has the built in functionality to make online betting speedy and hassle free.

On opening the Ladbrokes app you will quickly see that it very much resembles their online portal so if you are a member of Ladbrokes you will already be familiar with the layout.

Their current promotions are set out in the old style banner module at the top and a quick click will send you to the desired page, quick links are easily visible in regards up coming races and sports events.

To view your account information you can either swipe the screen to the left of tap on your username or balance at the top right of the screen.

They have their full menu on the left hand side which highlights the days racing, sports and some key features including Tip Off and Multiverse.

Ladbrokes are ideal for both the novice and seasoned punter, they have all the avenues covered with great features, promotions and betting products.

Ladbrokes tick all the boxes with their betting app and they are one online betting site you should have an account with, Info-Hub is one of the best features in the industry.


Neds Toolbox

The Neds app is a solid option especially in regards functionality, punters will have no issues in regards using this app but Neds are still lacking a few products that punters look for including Live Racing but I have no doubt they will add this soon.

On opening the Neds app you can quickly see that a lot of attention has been given to the structure, it is not only pleasing on the eye but it's functionality is second to none.

The bar at the top allows easy access to upcoming sports events and popular betting markets, quick icons above allow easy access to in-play markets for both sports and racing.

The traditional left hand menu opens up all the markets along with the latest promotions and features, check out the Neds blog which showcases upcoming events and offers feature length previews and tips.

Check all the latest betting trends and fluctuations while utilising the speed maps provided to give you a real insight into a specific market you are betting on.

Once Neds offers punters more feature rich products including live streaming they will be one of the best Australian betting sites but there is nothing wrong with the Neds app in itself a very solid choice for punters.



ClassicBet, MadBookie & TopBetta have merged to form PlayUp Oct 2019

Australian OWNED Bookmaker

The PlayUp mobile app is very basic and although they are one of the smaller operators in Australia there is little or no excuse for this.

Surely they must realise that a standout mobile app will attract many more new customers and the extra time and money spent will be well worth the effort.

When you open the PlayUp mobile app you can see straight away that it is on the basic side, certainly no bells and whistles here on offer.

It is such a shame really as PlayUp offer some really forward thinking industry products and if they would just spend a little more time following the bigger bookmakers in regards to their mobile app layout then they would surely reap the rewards.

Very basic left hand menu structure and they have even forgot to put a home button on either the left hand or bottom menu which makes it pretty tricky to navigate back.

If you are into your fantasy and tournament play then PlayUp is definitely a betting site that has potential for you and your style of betting as they are the front runner in this regard.

Although the concept hasn't taken off as well as they would have expected there is enough in the pools to keep you playing.

Some good ideas but both the app really does need work and until they revisit these and make it more punter friendly they will lose business and new customers hand over fist.



Unibet have taken their app to the next level, it is packed with features and if you are a fan of live streaming then Unibet are certainly one betting site that you should take a look at.

All the current promotions are clearly visible and you can scroll across the icon bar to to select one of the current features that Unibet are offering or quickly click through to the days racing and sporting events.

If you click on the right hand side menu you will discover all your account settings and you can navigate your way to a deposit option that is available to you.

Quickly view your betting history or if you feel that you are over spending why not check out the responsible gambling options that are provided.

The left hand menu will point you in the direction of any live in-play markets that are on offer as well as some of the notable products that Unibet offer punters.

Unibet are very underrated in my eyes and are well worth a look if you have not stumbled upon them before, the Unibet app is top notch and has many features that will keep a punter coming back time and time again.



bet365 are the worlds leading online betting site when it comes to live and in-play betting, the bet365 app has been structured around their strongest products and features, punters will have no issues in regards speed.

On opening the app you will see the main sports and racing markets within the icon bar at the top of the screen, any up coming sports are located here so no need to delve too deep and waste time searching within the app.

Alternatively if you do want to find a market that is less popular you can open the A-Z locator, you can bookmark your favourite sports by clicking on the star at the right hand side of each sport.

bet365 have placed quick links to any current markets that are in-play and offer live betting along with their latest promotional offers.

bet365 have the best game tracking software in the business, if they do not stream the event they give the punter the best tracking experience so you can follow any game including stats, commentary and play by play action.

Overall bet365 are one of the best betting sites around and their mobile betting app is definitely one of the top five on the market, easy to use, feature rich and designed for quick access to any betting market.

‘Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.’



Better Odds With Betfair

The Betfair app is second to none but for what Betfair is it doesn't have any rivals as such due to it's peer to peer betting exchange being the main focus.

Betfair allows punters to actually be the bookmaker if they so wish and while you can bet the conventional way it's the standout feature of this award winning platform that is the talking point.

The concept in itself is a game changer, how many times have you wished that you could be the bookie, well Betfair offers the opportunity to make this a reality.

Betfair due to it's nature set the online betting world alight when it came onto the scene and made all the corporate bookmakers sit up and take note in such a short space of time.

The Betfair app is a solid option also but if you are using Betfair I would recommend going online sat behind your computer due to the fact that Betfair is what it is!!



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