Betfair, Learn To Trade Like A Professional

One of the best resources over the last few years has to be the ability to walk on the other side of the fence so to speak and by this I mean the emergence of Betfair here in Australia. Still underused and under promoted on these shores Betfair is in my opinion a must for any serious punter for so many reasons.

Better Odds With Betfair

I have decided to dedicate a full topic about Betfair and all the ways you can use Betfair to your advantage when either betting online or having a go at being the bookie.

For many years I utilised Betfair when I was living in the UK and although there are a few things you cannot take advantage of here due to regulatory laws regarding betting in-play that aside Betfair is still one of the most powerful online betting sites for making some real money.

What Betfair offers that no other online betting site here in Australia can is the ability to actually be the bookie. If you have always fancied trying your luck at offering the odds on horses you think are an easy lay then Betfair is for you. There are so many different ways to trade with Betfair and when I say trade that's exactly what I mean as most of the time you will not be betting with Betfair but trading.

In this topic I will cover the four or five basic ways to trade on Betfair and if your disciplined and keep to your strategy and rules you basically cannot lose.

One of the best learning tools regarding Betfair is to watch how trading is actually done in real time so I have added some excellent video tutorials for each trading strategy below with a brief description on the basics for each strategy.

Once you are familiar with the way Betfair works you can then start looking at different ways you can make money doing some serious trading. When you get to this point you will be looking for any advantage you can find to make trading as simple as possible and get an edge on your fellow users. One way to do this is to purchase some form of software which links up to your Betfair dashboard giving you more of an edge.

I myself use Bet Angel which is I feel the best out there and has been established for many a year now and is proven in the marketplace. The software is a bit daunting when you first hook it up to your Betfair account but with so many video tutorials online via YouTube from Bet Angel TV you will soon be up and running.

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