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Best Australian Betting Sites | Online Sports Betting 2018

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Online betting sites in Australia are cropping up everywhere due to the massive boom in sports betting either online or via mobile betting apps and this scenario is great for the end user, you the punter. Over the last few years there has been an influx of not only Australian owned betting sites but the big hitters from Europe have also tried to get in on the action due to the fact that the Australian online betting industry is one of the biggest in the world, more and more in recent months we have seen new and existing online bookmakers compete against each other in their bid to be recognised as the best Australian betting site for punters in the modern era.

Australian residents spend more gambling each year per capita than any other nation in the world except Singapore with billions of dollars wagered but the only area that is growing in popularity is online sports betting.

The growth of online sports betting in Australia is down to two factors, the first factor is technology with the main focus being on mobile betting apps.

Since the introduction of mobile betting apps several years ago we have seen a huge rise in online betting due to the fact that you can now bet on the go, anytime, anywhere which for the new generation who are gadget happy is a blessing in disguise.

All the best betting sites in Australia and Europe quickly realised that this was a game changer and began to focus on improving the punter experience through mobile betting apps. 

Nearly all mobile betting apps now have the same functionality as you would find if you visited a betting sites online portal and in some cases there are extra features that you can only access via your mobile betting app.

The second factor has stemmed from the technology breakthrough's and that is competition within the online betting industry as over the last few years due to the growth of online sports betting in Australia we have seen new online bookmakers join the ranks and this includes some of the big hitters worldwide including Ladbrokes and bet365 who ply their trade overseas.

As in any industry competition means only one thing, better value to the end user which in this case is the punter.

All the top betting sites have gone to extra lengths in a bid to attract new customers and in genera this has been in the form of giving back to the punter with special promotional markets. 

How Do You Find The Best Betting Sites?

First and foremost for any punter who spends time gambling online or via a mobile betting app has to be the user experience and how individual betting agencies or mobile betting apps perform, speed and ease of use is everything, if punters get frustrated every time they visit, sooner or later the punter will up sticks and look for a better alternative.

Luckily for punters over the last eighteen months most online bookmakers have come on leaps and bounds in both areas and I wouldn't have any issue in recommending any we have reviewed for punters who are either new to online betting or have been gambling for a period of time and are looking for a new site to place their bets with.

Mobile betting apps are becoming one of the most important areas within the online arena as punters especially the younger breed now place the majority of their sports bets via a mobile betting app and due to this we have seen a huge increase in online sports betting over the last few years. Mobile betting apps offer the punter more options, more value and ease of use which betting via the TAB just cannot match.

Betting agencies have quickly come to realise that punters are looking for a mobile betting app that is easy to navigate, doesn't freeze and has the ability to place bets quickly and in general most mobile betting apps now meet these requirements with the majority having a similar look and feel to them with little or no performance issues.

The second most important area to concentrate on when you're looking for a new site has to be what we as punters can gain from using any particular bookmaker via their online sportsbook or mobile betting app, we have outlined some of the key areas below.

  1. Find The Best Odds.

    Once you have set up accounts with a few online betting sites it's always good practice that when deciding to have a flutter on a certain market to check which site is offering the best price possible for your selection in your chosen market.

    Finding the best odds may seem little or insignificant but it's well worth the effort especially if you are placing an anti-post bet on horse, harness or greyhound racing or a tournament bet on sports as the difference in price can be huge on certain markets between different sports betting sites.

    Ante Post Racing and Sports Tournaments.

    As an example I will now look at a current futures market a see if there is any significant difference for a couple of runners or participant.

    I will use three of the best betting sites which will be Ladbrokes, BetEasy and Sportsbet which I believe to be the three major players in  in Australia.

    My market of choice is the running of the 2016 Golden Slipper at Rosehill.

    All three sites have Capitalist as the current favourite but straight away we can see a discrepancy in price that if you were looking to back Capitalist would see your potential winnings differ depending on which site you chose to bet with.

    Ladbrokes have Capitalist at 3.60, BetEasy 3.40 and Sportsbet 3.0 so for a level $100 stake if you bet with Ladbrokes you would be $60 better off than betting with Sportsbet and $20 better off than gambling with BetEasy.

    Calliope is another interesting one with a four point swing depending on who you bet with, Ladbrokes are offering 13.00, BetEasy 15.00 while Sportsbet will give you odds of 17.00.

    Again for a level $100 stake you could take home an extra $400 by gambling with Sportsbet than if you chose to place the same bet with Ladbrokes.

    You will find the majority of ante-post markets will look the same as this example, not just on racing events but also sports markets so it is well worth spending a little time having a quick look around a few online betting sites and finding the best odds available.

  2. Racing Products.

    If you more of a horse racing punter then there are many products on offer from leading bookmakers that again if you take a little time to look you can reap the rewards.

    The best betting sites now offer Best Tote or SP on all Australian thoroughbred races, if you see this option it basically means you will be paid out if your horse wins the best of the three tote dividends or the official starting price.

    There are a few names for each bookmakers individual take on the product so take the time to have a look.

  3. Bookmaker Margins.

    If you are new to sports betting one of the areas you may want to take a closer look at is how bookmakers price their markets.

    bookmakers margin (anything over 100%) is applied to all markets that they offer up to punters, typically betting sites will price up an event between 103%-105%.

    This however doesn't guarantee that the bookmaker will make a profit from every event due to the weight of money in each event not being even but what it does do is put the odds in their favour even before the event has taken place.

    Ideally the shrewd punter would look for any betting markets that come as close to 100% as possible and while it may not be an easy task if you shop around and compare prices across selected markets.

    You may well find that certain bookmakers have priced a selection or selections higher than others and it may well be possible to combine selections from several markets to swing the percentage in your favour.

    There is always the potential although seldom seen that a combination of multiple markets on the same event could even form a combined market under 100% which would enable the punter to bet on every selection and no matter the result a profit would ensue.

    So when looking at ante post markets and racing products always shop around, you will be surprised how much some betting sites differ in price.

  4. Competitions.

    Another key area for me is whether or not they have competitions running throughout the year. Some competitions are free and some you have to pay a fee to enter but they offer huge prizes and span across different markets including horse racing, golf, AFL, NRL, cricket and soccer.

    The main area these competitions focus on are tipping but you will also have the occasional fantasy league thrown in there for good measure.

    These types of tipping or fantasy leagues will run throughout a season or tournament but there are a couple of weekly and daily competitions you could be eligible for but the prizes are minimal.

  5. Form Guides.

    Take a close look at the form guides provided especially if your focus in on racing, some of the form guides provided excel across all codes of racing while others are limited at best and some sites only offer thoroughbred guides and stats.

    The more information you have at your fingertips the better in regards to gambling.

    The major players offer excellent additions to the form guide including runner comments, speed maps, race predictor tools and easy to follow graphs.

    Recently online betting sites have added more and more features to their form guides to give the punter as much information as possible and now even offer expert racing tips.

  6. Sports Betting Blogs.

    In recent times there has been a big effort to accommodate the punter with as much information as possible on a daily basis on upcoming events and the best way to accomplish this for online betting websites is through their very own sports betting blog.

    Within these blogs sports betting sites can preview sporting events and give a detailed account of each runner or participant along with any betting tips.

    Some of the best blogs to emerge have also gone one step further and now have weekly podcasts for the most popular Australian sports as well as the three codes of racing.

    If you are new to online betting one of the best ways to get accustomed to a new sportsbook is to check out the self help section within the blogs as quite often there are many video tutorials to help you on your way with all the main betting features covered.

  7. ATM Cards.

    Following on from mobile apps ATM cards have emerged over the last few years enabling punters who like to bet on the go the option of withdrawing their winnings if they are down at the local having a flutter.

    Not all Australian betting sites offer this feature but most of the best ones offer their own debit card and it's a good option instead of messing about at the terminals in a crowded pub.

    Most punters will have at least one hard luck story were they have been waiting to get their bet on only to miss the start of the race and their selection goes on to win, with the combined options of mobile betting apps and ATM cards you never have to miss a race again.

  8. Live Streaming.

    Live streaming is one of the newest things to be offered to punters regarding online betting but this is still in it's infancy and has a long way to go before every marketplace is offered due to television rights already in place.

    Most of the biggest betting sites in Australia now offer live thoroughbred racing for free to their members but only a few such as BetEasy offer full SKY1 and SKY2 coverage across all three codes of racing.

    The majority of sports streams available are from overseas markets with sports such as tennis and soccer being the main two showcased and until we have the option of watching more home grown sports and all three codes of racing the jury will still be out on how beneficial live streaming is to an Aussie punter.

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