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Online Betting Sites Pros and Cons

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If you like a bet which let’s face it most of us living in Australia do from time to time, as they say two Aussie’s would bet on two flies climbing a wall, then over the last few years you would have surely signed up to at least one if not a few Australian online betting sites.

There are many benefits in using online batting sites over the conventional TAB outlets either in side your local watering hole or down the local TAB shop but there are also some negatives to.

Within this article I will cover the pros and cons within the online betting world in relation to more traditional betting avenues.

There are many upsides regarding online betting and in my opinion, they far out weight the negatives with the best arguments listed below in why you should if you already have not switched to online betting.


The first and probably most important upside to online betting is speed and versatility, online betting sites through either their online sportsbook or mobile betting app offer punters many ways in which they can speed up their betting experience.

Some of the most noticeable areas in which Australian online betting sites far exceed the capabilities of terminal betting are listed below:


Online betting sites and mobile betting apps are designed to be as simple as possible in regards finding your chosen market with many of the most popular daily options displayed first so in some cases you do not even need to navigate through any side bars as your chosen market is just one click away.

Most if not all Australian online betting sites also now show you the nest three or five upcoming events for sports and racing markets at the top of the homepage, this is a great advantage if you are in a bit of a hurry.

In comparison if you are using the TAB screens which are located within bars and betting shops they take longer to navigate to the market you are seeking due to their more uniformed structure.

Bet Placement

When using any online betting site or mobile betting app one of the major benefits is the fact that you do not have to physically write out a betting slip and then put it through a terminal, we have all had the painful experience of not being able to find the right betting slip within the multitude of options within the rack situated on your table or the wall of the pub not to mention the stealth like task of finding and then holding onto a decent pencil.

If you do manage to get over both these hurdles without blowing your stack then you have to hope and pray that the terminals are not in use or out of action and then finally you may well have to wait ten minutes before a staff member gives you your betting slip, half the time the race has already gone off and sometimes finished before you have even been given your slip back.

Many times, I have placed bets and let the money on the side waiting for my slip to be returned and money taken, possibly change given and the race has already finished and still the money is sitting there, good job for the pubs I bet in that I am an honest person as it wold be no hassle in picking the money back up if your selection lost and just walking out.

Not only does mobile and online betting take away all this hassle but they also go the extra mile and offer things like quick betting slips in which you can set up your preferred stake amounts and bet types and save them to your profile making placing bets even more hassle free.

Multi Bets

Online betting sites in Australia also enable punters to place multiple bets across multiple sports and markets within the same transaction which speeds up the process no end, I am a big fan of multiple or accumulator bet types so for me this is a massive plus.

I love nothing more than to pick six or seven soccer teams and perm the selections in bet types such as Canadians, Heinz and Goliaths, betting terminals are really not set up for this type of betting although they do have slips that you can place multi bets but these are very limited and time consuming.

Feature Products

Online betting has opened up a whole new world for punters in regards new products, some of these include price boosts, bet refunds, bonus bets, best price and more.

Form Guides

One area that has improved out of sight due to the nature of online betting is this area, form guides are now very informative with special modules and features such as speed maps which are a great tool for any punter to utilise.

For me, all the above are the main reason why punters are moving away from terminal betting and only using betting apps and betting sites now but there are still a few negatives that need to be addressed before we can say we as punters have the best of everything. The main negatives of using on line betting sites are listed below.

Deposit Limits

All online betting sites in Australia offer punters the option of setting their very own deposit limit to stop problem gambling, punters can either set amounts in which they cap their losses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

If you wish to lower your deposit limit at any time you can do so and it will take affect there and then but if you wish to upscale your limit then you have to wait a period of seven days before your new limits come into effect which is good as it acts as a safeguard or a cooling period just in case a punter is on tilt as they say in the poker world.


The main negative that comes with online betting is the fact that if a punter starts to win and win regular then the betting site is quite within their right to either limit the punter to smaller amounts that they can wager or in some cases close their accounts down completely.

This area for me needs to be looked into by some controlling body or something as it is really is unfair to punters.

Most online betting sites will never admit to this practice but I can assure you from first hand experience that all online betting sites do practice this in reality.

When was the last time you heard of a betting site closing a punters account down because they keep losing week on week!!

Another negative of being able to use your mobile betting app or tablet to place your bets is the fact that gambling should really be a sociable experience out with mates which in turn produces banter and such but having the easy option at your fingertips of betting on any event while sat at home could be a recipe for disaster in regards problem gambling.


There are a few positives and negatives that can be looked at from both sides of the fence when it comes to online betting but in the main it is a punters best friend and has made the industry stronger and more positive for sure just remember when you do have a flutter to play sae and only bet as much as you can afford.

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