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Sportsbet have once again released another new and exciting feature called the Multi Builder which allows punters to easily place multi bets across different sporting markets, once again with all Sportsbet's new betting features they have created a video tutorial so punters can quickly learn about the new feature product and how a punter can quickly place their multi's across a number of sporting events


Multis are amazing, and that’s just science — you can’t argue with it: You get big wins for small stakes, plus they reward expertise, knowledge and boldness.

At Sportsbet we understand you love a multi, we also understand that you love getting the stuff you love easily… If you get what we mean. That’s why

That’s why we’ve created Sportsbet Multi Builder.

Multi Builder is a super easy and quick way to get on a 23-leg, cross-sport mega-multi — or a solid four-leg EPL multi — and everything in between.

The best part is, it’s all available on one screen! No going back and forth between matches and markets. You can get it done in one.

Excited? Here’s how to use it! It’s a piece of cake (piss cake… eww).

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