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Sportsbet's Punters Club

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Sportsbet are always trying to make the punting experience all the more enjoyable and this is exactly what the Punters Club feature is designed to do. If you and a few of your mates are always chipping in each weekend running your own punting club then why not let Sportsbet do it for you, it takes all the hassle out of your day and you can sit back, relax and watch your bets.


Punters Club allows you to create a single betting account for you and your mates. You can set your own rules, betting rounds and contributions.

Funds are taken from your Sportsbet account and placed into a pool so you can back more Winners left, right and centre! It's banter and betting.

How does Punters Club Work?

Existing Sportsbet customers can create a new Punters Club and invite their friends to join. Simply set the rules, activate the Club and you're away.

Take turns placing Bets and see the winners roll in. You can transfer your Club Winnings to your personal Sportsbet account and Withdraw like you normally do!

Do I need to have an existing Sportsbet account to create or join a Punters Club?

Yes, you need to have a Sportsbet account to join a Punters Club. Creating a Sportsbet account is nice and easy!

Non-members can be invited but need to join Sportsbet first before entering a Punters Club.

Can I send an invite to non-Sportsbet members?

Yes, you can invite non-Sportsbet members. However, they need to have a Sportsbet account to join a Punters Club. 

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