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Unibet Streak

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One of the best products to hit the marketplace in the last several months has to be the Unibet Streak, it is a competition that is free to enter each month and the aim is to tip as many winners in a row as possible, the punter with the biggest streak at the end of the month wins a cash prize, it's that simple.

The Unibet Streak  is an exclusive product for Australian punters only so you will be pitting your wits against fellow Aussies in a bid to be crowned the Streak champion.

There is are two options in regards the Streak competition, the first one is completely free and has a first prize of $5000 while the second The Streak Multiplier is worth $20,000 to the winner 

How to Play:

  • Build up the longest winning streak each month from a range of different match-ups.
  • The player with the longest winning streak each month wins the Top Prize.
  • Invite your mates and create your own Private Group where you can challenge each other. 

Streak Multiplier Explained:

Every day you start a new streak you'll need to wager $50 (worth of total bets; at odds of greater than $1.40) on that specific day of the month.

If you do, you'll qualify for our Streak $20,000 Multiplier Prize (instead of the regular $5,000) should you finish as the overall monthly winner AND finish with a W20 (or higher)!


You start a new streak on the 3rd day of the month. You must wager $50 worth of bets on the 3rd day of this same month (at odds of greater than $1.40) if you want to be eligible for the $20,000 Multiplier Prize.

If you build this streak up (above W20) and finish as the overall winner for that month then we'll pay you out $20,000 (instead of $5,000). Remember you'll need to wager $50 on each day that a new Streak commences if you want to be eligible for the $20,000!

Don't worry, if you miss out on the betting requirement and win the month you'll still get the $5,000 regular cash prize!

Prizes will be awarded for different achievements (listed below) but the ultimate prize will go to the Best Streaker in Australia!

Position Prize
1st (Longest Winning Streak): Multiplier  $20,000 Cash
1st (Longest Winning Streak): Non Multiplier $5000 Cash
2nd $500 Insured Bet
3rd $400 Insured Bet
4th $300 Insured Bet
5th $200 Insured Bet
6th - 10th $100 Insured Bet
11th - 20th $50 Insured Bet
21st - 30th $40 Insured Bet
31st - 50th $20 Insured Bet
51st - 100th $10 Insured Bet
101st - 150th 25% Profit Boost
All players who obtain a W10 Streak (10 wins in a row) 25% Profit Boost

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