Responsible Gambling, do you have a problem?

Responsible Gambling, do you have a problem?

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This facility enables you to limit the amount of money that you are able to deposit online into your account.

These amounts may be revised downwards at any time but any increase will only be implemented after the structured time period specified following the request.

Customer Services staff will be happy to provide any further information required but are unable to override limits set by you.   


Most sites provide the facility to allow a customer to self-exclude themselves from their account(s) for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or permanently. 

Once this change has been made to an account for a set period, it will not be possible for the account to be re-opened for any reason until after the set period has expired.

During the period of opt-out, sites will do all they can to prevent new accounts being opened. 

An account that is simply ‘closed’ can be re-opened by the customer at any time. 

Should you seek to self-exclude from any site, we suggest you consider seeking exclusion from other betting operators. 


Whilst the majority of people do gamble within their means, for some gambling can become a problem. It may help you to keep control to remember the following:

1. Gambling should be entertaining and not seen as a way of making money 
2. Avoid chasing losses 
3. Only gamble what you can afford to lose 
4. Keep track of the time and amount you spend gambling 
5. If you want to have a break from gambling you can use our self exclude option 
6. If you need to talk to someone about problem gambling then contact Amity, whose details are provided below 


The following link provides a list of support service providers across Australia:

For example, Amity Community Services operates a gambling helpline 24 hours a day for those who suffer from the consequences of problem gambling. 

Amity can be reached on the following free-call number: 1800 858 858 


If you are concerned that gambling may have taken over your (or someone else’s) life then the following questions may help you find out: 
1. Do you stay away from work, college or school to gamble?
2. Do you gamble to escape from a boring or unhappy life?
3. When gambling and you run out of money, do you feel lost and in despair and need to gamble again as soon as possible?
4. Do you gamble until your last cent is gone, even the fare home or the cost of a cup of tea?
5. Have you ever lied to cover up the amount of money or time you have spent gambling?
6. Have others ever criticised your gambling?
7. Have you lost interest in your family, friends or hobbies?
8. After losing, do you feel you must try and win back your losses as soon as possible?
9. Do arguments, frustrations or disappointments make you want to gamble?
10. Do you feel depressed or even suicidal because of your gambling?

The more you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, the more likely you are to have a serious gambling problem.