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Betfair Review

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Have you thought you could do better as the bookmaker, are you better at finding good things that are not so good and you with you could lay a hotpot?? Betfair is a peer to peer online betting site that allows punters to choose if they wish to back or lay across sports and racing markets, have you got what it takes to be the bookie!!!

Better Odds With Betfair


Better Odds, More Markets Review
Be The Bookmaker Betfair


One of the biggest betting portals across Europe Betfair is without comparison the best resource for punters for so many reason, better prices, more markets, lay betting are just some of the reasons you should check out this award winning betting site.

When Betfair arrived on the scene back in 2000 it was like a breath of fresh air, never before had punters had the opportunity to lay selections and punters couldn't get enough of it, so much so it quickly became one of the biggest betting agencies in the world breaking records and picking up awards as it went along.

For reason unknown to myself Betfair has not risen to those lofty heights in regards Australian punters, you can easily see the lack of support with a mere drip of liquidity in the Australian pools.

The Australian thoroughbred markets are pretty solid especially the bigger race meetings but in regards harness and greyhound racing the liquidity (amount of money) in the pools are dismal to say the least.

Not to worry though as Australian punters can also bet on markets overseas in which the markets are huge and they offer better odds than you would find with conventional bookmakers.

One of the best things about Betfair is the ability to choose at what price you are willing to back a selection, as an example if your selection in showing odds of 7.0 and you want 7.5 you can stipulate this on your bet and someone then has the option to match the bet offered.

A word of caution though, if the price you have asked for does not get matched then you bet will not be placed so do not be too greedy with your prices or you may miss out on a winner or two.

Some key terms you need to learn about Betfair before having a punt would be:

Back - This is when you chose to back a selection as you would with any other betting site.

Lay - This is the option that you can choose if you want to be the bookie and you think a selection will not win or place.

Matched - This is when two punters have placed a bet between themselves, one would have laid a bet against a selection while the other punter would have chose to back the same selection making this a laid bet.

Betting Man Opinion

I have been a champion of Betfair for many years due to its unique selling point of lay betting but there is so much to Betfair that you as a punter should really check out for yourself.

The markets that Betfair cover in regards to sports betting is huge, there is no other betting site in the world that has more markets on any given even and that's a fact!!

The layout does take a little getting used to but believe me the few hours spent learning the ins ans outs of Betfair is well worth it and it will prove prudent down the track.

The daily racing sections have the same design as the more conventional bookmakers with all the daily racing on show but once you click on a specific market you then get into the world of Betfair. 

You will see two sections with prices, one blue and one pink, the blue section is for punters who want to back a selection in an event while the pink section is for punters who want to lay a selection in an event.

If you click through to the racing market you will see a little graph at the side of each runner, this tells you how much has been matched over time against each selections and at what price.

It will also show you the fluctuations that each runner has had in regards price and which way it is currently going, is it going up or down in price.!!

Betfair Form Guide

The form guide it not the best but you can use another form guide from one of the other betting sites if you so wish and then use Betfair to place your bets.

Betfair Mobile App

Betfair can be used via a mobile app and their app is fine if you are having the odd win or place bet but because Betfair is so complex it wouldn't recommend using the app if you have the choice of sitting down behind a laptop.

Full Review - Betfair App

Betfair Key Features

Lay Betting - Be the bookmaker and lay selections to lose in any racing or sporting event.

Better Odds - On average Betfair's SP beats the best tote by 11.7% on all Australian thoroughbred races, massive overs on sporting events especially if you like a mid to outside option.

More Markets - More markets on sporting events than any other bookmaker, choose which market suits your betting style.

The Hub - Very informative blog type section for punters who are looking at getting the best out of Betfair including SUREpick greyhound data.


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