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Betting Man has reviewed Ladbrokes giving a detailed account of what they have to offer punters in regards key products and services which will enhance your punting experience, key areas are listed below.

Ladbrokes Bonus Bets and Sign Up Deals

Key Features  
Live Streaming Live Sports and Racing
ATM Card Withdraw Winnings On The Move
Odds Boost Boost Your Odds Daily
InfoHub Sophisticated Analysis Tool
Cash Out Option To Cash Bets Out Early
Deposit Match Bonus Bet With  
$500 $500 $1000 First Bet Match Up To $250 – Ladbrokes
Refer-a-Friend:$100 Bonus Bet For Every Friend


Ladbrokes Review

Ladbrokes are one of the British contingent of online bookmakers that have come to Australia over the last few years and they are certainly making their mark.

Within a few months of operating here in Australia Ladbrokes had the competition on the run with their new ideas and offers when it came to online sports betting.

Ladbrokes were the first bookmaker to offer punters an ATM card allowing account funds to be withdrawn across Australia without having to wait for a bank transfer.

This option benefited punters of all types especially the new breed of mobile betting enthusiasts.

One of my pet hates is being out in the local pub and having to use the tote, now punters have other options and can look for more value and still be able to withdraw their money there and then.

Ladbrokes have established themselves as one of Australia's best online betting sites in such a short time due to their forward thinking in all areas concerning online sports betting.

Ladbrokes also own two other well known Australian betting sites namely Bookmaker and Betstar.

Both sites run off the same software as Ladbrokes with only subtle differences in appearance.

Bookmaker and Betstar do not have as many weekly specials as Ladbrokes but they still offer the main features associated with Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes Review - Betting Man Opinion

Ladbrokes for me are one of if not the best betting site to use when betting online or via your mobile, they have so much to offer the punter on a day to day basis when it comes to not only racing but sports betting.

The Ladbrokes website is second to none regards ease of use and software performance, every market is easily accessible and right at your fingertips meaning you can navigate to any market with just a few clicks.

The bet slip which Ladbrokes have provided works like a charm and has some special features that not many others can provide.

Along with the Ladbrokes Odds Boost tab there are another three tabs with information on upcoming favourites, market movers and suggested runners.

Your pending bets are easily located by a single click on the tab named pending.

Ladbrokes offer up so many promotions covering sports and racing on all the weeks top events for both codes a punter can really gain extra value if they choose to bet on one of the events covered.

Enhanced odds, Mega Multi, Footy Freaks and Greyhound Specials are just some of the weekly offers usually seen, each one give the punter a great incentive to place a bet in those markets chosen.

Ladbrokes offer features that are stand alone in the industry including Pick Your Own Odds and Favourite v The Field.

Both these options give the punter another angle to bet on especially if you really favour a runner or strongly oppose a runner in the racing markets.

Ladbrokes offer free competitions on a regular basis including their daily Place Picker competition for punters that have placed a bet within the last 24 hours.

Ladbrokes have recently launched a feature mobile product called Info Hub for sports and racing markets which gives the punters all the stats and information they need to make an informed decision before placing a bet.

The feature is rich with information regarding betting trends, event synopsis, form and much more.

Other things to note is the blog Ladbrokes provide as it helps punters make an informed decision on markets upcoming with tips for all major sports.

Ladbrokes have also included a great How To section for punters new to Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes also cover a wide variety of sports in their Live Betting section and punters can watch Victorian races live via the Ladbrokes stream.

Ladbrokes Key Features

Ladbrokes Live Streaming

Victorian horse racing and sports.

Ladbrokes offer live streams for a variety of different sporting events that are taking place around the well and as well as following all the NBA action.

You can watch live football games from a variety of different international leagues and tennis matches from a number of tournaments every single week.

This means that you can place a bet on any of these sporting events and instead of having to follow the scores in text form, on social media or on an illegal stream, you can instead enjoy the game absolutely free of charge on our website.

How to Live Stream with Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes ATM Card

Once you’ve applied and activated your new Ladbrokes Visa Card, you are ready to take advantage of all its features.

Back a winner and get access to your funds in just seconds.

This material is general information only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.

We recommend you consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) relating to this product before making any decision. This product is available only to Australian residents.

To use the Ladbrokes Visa card it must first be activated. Terms and conditions and fees and charges will apply to use of the Ladbrokes Visa card.

The Ladbrokes Visa card is a reloadable Visa prepaid debit card issued by Cuscal Limited ABN 95 087 82 455, AFSL 244116.

Ladbrokes Digital Australia Pty Ltd ABN 25 151 956 768, AFSL 484062 is involved in the promotion and distribution of the Ladbrokes Visa card.

Ladbrokes ATM Card FAQ's

Ladbrokes ATM Card FAQ's

How do I activate my Ladbrokes Visa Card?

When you receive your Ladbrokes Card, inside the envelope you will find your activation letter with the PIN number, activation code and Ladbrokes Visa Card attached. The activation code is located at the top of the letter. Visit the Ladbrokes Card area in My Account, type your activation code in the box to the right and click Activate.

Can I change the PIN on my Ladbrokes Visa Card?

No, the PIN cannot be changed, however, if you forget your pin you do have the ability to retrieve your PIN. See the Ladbrokes Visa Card PDS for further details or go to eMerchants PIN Recovery.

I cannot remember my PIN on my Ladbrokes Visa Card, what do I do?

If you are unable to remember your PIN you have the ability to retrieve your PIN. See the Ladbrokes Visa Card PDS for further details or go to eMerchants PIN Recovery. Please note, you will need a valid email address to complete this process.

I have lost my Ladbrokes Visa Card, what do I do?

Please contact Support on 1300 523 276 immediately. Your existing card will be cancelled and a new card ordered.

How do I get a statement for my Ladbrokes Visa Card?

You can view your last 10 transactions in the ‘My Account’ section after logging in on Ladbrokes.com.au. If you wish to view more please go to www.ladbrokescard.com.au/myaccount/, and log in using your Card Number and PIN.

Can I access my Ladbrokes Visa Card statement via the mobile app?

You can view your last 10 transactions in the ‘My Account’ section after logging into the Ladbrokes mobile app. If you wish to view your full statement history please visit www.ladbrokescard.com.au/myaccount/ on a desktop computer and log in using your Card Number and PIN.

I tried to use my Ladbrokes Visa Card but it did not work, what do I do?

If you have activated your card and it still isn’t working, please contact our support team on 1300 523 276.

What are the limits on my Ladbrokes Visa Card?

Point of Sale and ATM Withdrawal Limits Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit: $1,000.00 Daily Point of Sale Limit $5,000.00 Maximum amount per Point of Sale purchase $2,500.00 Daily Total Limit $5,000.00 Load and Account limits Minimum Load from the Ladbrokes Wagering Account $5.00 Maximum Load from the Ladbrokes Wagering Account $5,000.00 Maximum balance at any one time $5,000.00 PayWave Limits PayWave Transaction Limit, without a PIN $100.00

Where can I use my Ladbrokes Visa Card?

At any ATM, Visa payWave, Visa or EFTPOS terminal prepaid cards are accepted (subject to merchant discretion) at Australian retailers or online.

Where can I use my Ladbrokes Visa Card?

At any ATM, Visa payWave, Visa or EFTPOS terminal prepaid cards are accepted (subject to merchant discretion) at Australian retailers or online.

end faq

Ladbrokes Odds Boost

Ladbrokes once again set the pace with a brand new and original concept called Odds Boost, this great feature allows all Ladbrokes members the ability to select one race each day at inflated odds.

The new Odds Boost features is located in your Ladbrokes betting slip and if you wish to use it on any specific race or sporting event then just click the button and watch as your odds rise.

Odds Boost can be used on both racing markets and sporting events.

Ladbrokes’ Odds Boost allows you to instantly increase the value of Fixed Odds Win bets (Racing and Multis), or Tote and Fixed Odds Exotics!

Simply add your selection(s) to the Bet slip or Quickbet, activate the Odds Boost button and watch your potential winnings roll up!

Your Odds Boost balance is replenished overnight, so there’s a boost ready to use every day.

Odds Boost

Ladbrokes Odds Boost FAQ's

How many Odds Boosts will I receive?

All recreational customers will be issued at least one boost per day. Your daily Odds Boost balance will be topped up overnight and available to use the very next day. Remember, you cannot stockpile boosts; use it or lose it!

What type Of multi-bets can I Boost?

Punters can boost any Fixed Odds Win multi bets. This includes multis with a combination of racing or sport legs. Multi combination bets are excluded from Odds Boost as all selections in the multi must win to be eligible.

Can I use more than one Odds Boost per market or bet?

Boosting multis, singles, and exotic racing bets are mutually exclusive. This means you can boost different bet types from the one market. For example, you can use an Odds Boost on a multi bet, even when it includes a leg that was boosted as a single racing bet type. However, you cannot boost a market more than once using the same boost type. This means you cannot boost a multi bet containing a leg that’s from a market that’s already been boosted in a multi bet; and you cannot boost two exotics bets from the same race.

Are the limitations on Boosting a multi-bet?

Yes. The maximum stake for a multi boosted with Odds Boost is $200. The maximum dividends for a multi boosted with Odds Boost are as follows: 2 legs – 200 to 1; 3 legs – 500 to 1; 4 legs – 1000 to 1; and 5 or more legs – 5000 to 1

Can I Boost any exotic racing bets?

Odds Boost is offered on Fixed Odds or Tote Exotic bets for any Australian, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore races. Exotic bet types include Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta and First Four.

Are there limitations on Boosting an exotic?

Yes. The maximum stake per combo for a boosted Exotic bet is $200.

How does Odds Boost work with exotic bet types?

Rather than rolling up your dividend, your Flexi% will increase when any Fixed or Tote Exotic bets are boosted, providing punters with a greater return on your winning dividend.

What is Odds Boost extra?

Odds Boost Extra provides recreational customers additional boosts on selected fixed priced win racing and sports markets.

How do I use Odds Boost extra?

Navigate to the selected racing and sports markets where Odds Boost Extra is available, add the bet to your betslip, click on the Odds Boost Extra button and watch your odds increase.

Does using an Odds Boost extra count towards my daily Odds Boost?

Odds Boost Extra are bonus boosts and separate to your daily Odds Boost balance, meaning they will not be deducted from your daily Odds Boost Balance.

end faq

Ladbrokes InfoHub

The Ladbrokes InfoHub is a revolutionary feature that will legitimately change your online betting experience.

This incredibly innovative product will make you the most informed sport and racing punter in the country with the amazing array of data that is now available for horse racing and selected sporting events.

Not only does InfoHub offer you everything that you need to know about an upcoming race or sporting event but it is also extremely easy to use!

Full Ladbrokes InfoHub article.


The overview of the race gives you a wide range of relevant information like: track conditions, weather, a brief race synopsis, how long there is until the start of the race and a synopsis of the top four runners in the market.

Form Guide:

The form guide provides the same information as the popular form guide that we have always featured on our website, so you will get all the same information but in an extremely easy to access format.

Featured Bets:

Featured Bets lets you see exactly where the big money has gone in the lead-up to a particular race.

If one of Australia’s biggest punters has $50,000 on Criterion in the lead-up to the Ladbrokes Caulfield Stakes then you will see it in the Featured Bets section of the InfoHub.


Fluctuations shows you the price movements for each and every runner in the lead-up to your selected race.

This data shows you the horses that have been well supported in the market and those that have been on the drift in the lead-up to the race.

Bet Tracker:

Bet Tracker basically takes the featured bets and the fluctuations to show you exactly how much has been wagered on every single horse in a selected race.

The volume of bets per runner is indicated by the blue line and the money that has been wagered per runner is indicated by the red line.

Live Video:

You can watch live coverage of the race you’re viewing directly in InfoHub.

If you are viewing a Victorian thoroughbred race, live coverage will begin three minutes before the scheduled start time.

Speed Maps:

Speed Maps are used to calculate the settling position of each horse in the first part of a race.

You can use data in Speed Maps to identify horses that end up leading the race, or settling at the back of the field.

This data can be helpful when trying to make a call on a runner’s winning prospects.

Ladbrokes Cash Out

Look for the  cash out symbol on events with this exciting feature activated.

Cash Out is available as soon as you place the bet on racing meets, and between finalised legs of your multi.

When you place a bet on a partial Cash Out market, you’ll see a Cash Out Offer in the pending bets tab of your betslip.

Use the slider to see how much return you can get back, and see the Cash Out Offer update before your eyes.

You can cash out anywhere between 10% and 100% of the offer you receive.

Once you’re happy with your offer, click Cash Out to select the offer, and confirm it by clicking confirm Cash Out.

You’re done!

We’ll process the cash out offer you accepted, and let you know when your money is back in your account.

You’ll see your balance update, and you can check your Cash Out history in your Betslip or your Betting Statement any time.

Cash out

Ladbrokes Cash Out FAQ's

Which Markets Is Cash Out available on?

Sports head-to-head muiti-bets – before the next event Racing Win multi-bets – before the next race

Which Markets Is Cash Out not available on?

Exotics Handicaps Novelties Single sports bets - during the event Multi-leg bets - during the event

How do I review my Cash Out history on an active bet?

Open the Betslip, and click Pending Bets. Open the Bet you previously accepted a Cash Out offer on. Click the Cash Out History menu to view the history on the bet.

How do I review my Cash Out history for a finalised bet on mobile?

Open your Betting Statement. Click on the Event marked "Accepted", on which you accepted Cash Out offers. Select the Cash Out History menu to review your Cash Out history.

How do I review my Cash Out history for a finalised bet on desktop?

Open your Betting Statement. Click the Three Dots Button on the event marked as Accepted. Click the Cash Out History menu to review your Cash Out history.

When will I see my Cash Out offer history?

You’ll see your Cash Out history in your Betting Statement when: a race or event has not yet run, and you have cashed out 100% of your offer. a race or match is finalized, and you have accepted Cash Out offers.

Can I use a bonus bet and receive a Cash Out offer?

Bonus Bets are not available on Cash Out markets.

Why is the Cash Out amount less than my original stake?

The maximum Cash Out offer is calculated on the current market at the time you accept a Cash Out offer.

end faq

Ladbrokes Information

Website URL


Deposit Options

Ladbrokes ATM Card, Bank Transfer, BPay, Credit/Debit Card, Cash In, PayPal, POLi, Flexi Pin

Withdrawal Options

Ladbrokes ATM Card, Bank transfer, Paypal

Minimum Deposit


Minimum Withdrawal


Minimum Bet

$0.50 online bets, telephone betting minimum is $20

Odds Format







Email, Phone, FAQ Section, Live Chat

Mobile APP

Apple and Android devices


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I personally think Ladbrokes are the front runner over the past couple of years and are always thinking outside the box when it comes to new features for punters to gain that little extra for their hard earned.

Ladbrokes for me has the best designed online betting portal and their mobile betting app is also one of the best in the business.

One thing that makes Ladbrokes stand out to the serious punter is their InfoHub which is a form guide of the highest quality that has many features to help punters analyse both racing and sporting markets.

No issues with deposits or withdrawals and if you do need to contact Ladbrokes their customers service team really are on the ball and will answer you swiftly either by Live Chat or email.

Notable Products

Odds Boost, InfoHub, Live Streaming, ATM Card, Cash Out


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