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Sportsbet Review

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Betting Man has reviewed Sportsbet giving a detailed account of what they have to offer punters in regards key products and services which will enhance your punting experience, key areas are listed below.

Sportsbet Bonus Bets and Sign Up Deals

Key Features  
Live Streaming Live Sports and Racing
ATM Card Withdraw Winnings On The Move
Powerplay Boost Your Odds Daily
Cash Out Option To Cash Bets Out Early
Punters Club Team Up With Your Mates
The Fold Cancel Your Bet Mid Race
Million Dollar Tipping AFL and NRL Tipping
First Bet Match Bonus Bet With  
$501 $501 $1002 First Bet Match Up To $501 - Sportsbet
Refer-a-Friend:$100 Bonus Bet For Every Friend

Sportsbet Review

Sportsbet are well known as one of Australia's biggest and best online betting sites but not many Australians are aware Sportsbet are now actually owned by the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power and has been since 2011.

Paddy Power initially bought 51% of Sportsbet in 2009 but acquired the whole company later in 2011.

Sportsbet have always had a very good reputation and have been proactive for many years regarding television sponsorship deals which dramatically expanded their client base way before any other online betting sites chose television as a suitable marketing avenue.

Over the last few years Sportsbet have come up with brilliant new ideas and features to try to stay one step ahead of the ever increasing competition throughout the online sports betting world here in Australia.

Moving with the times is one of Sportbet's main attributes and they have adapted well in the wake of new technology regarding mobile betting apps, website design and social media.

Sportsbet are still regarded by most as the biggest online bookmaker in Australia and while the competition have closed the gap Sportsbet still have a lot of things unique to them to offer the punter.

Sportsbet are always offering up new promotions to compete with other online betting sites and Sportsbet more often than not have the best selection of specials for sports and racing markets.

Sportsbet Review - Betting Man Opinion

Sportsbet are in my to three sports betting sites and I use them regularly, their online betting site is excellent and their mobile betting app is one of the industries leading apps.

Sportsbet are one of the few betting sites that offer live streaming to their customers which includes Victorian thoroughbred racing, soccer, tennis, cricket and basketball.

The ease of use of both Sportbet's online betting portal and their mobile betting app is apparent as soon as you sign up with them and even a novice will have no worries in finding any market they are searching for.

The bet slip is a simple design but it works well and has all the information you need with fixed priced or tote options available.

One thing I would pull Sportbet up for is the My Account tab is a little hard to find for someone not used to the website.

Sportsbet offer weekly specials on all the usual Australian sports along with various popular overseas sports including NFL, NBA, EPL and MLB.

Some of Sportsbet's thoroughbred racing specials offer huge value to punter with money back deals on selected races down to fourth place.

Sportsbet also run specials on greyhound markets each week which some other betting sites neglect.

One of my main reasons for coming back to Sportbet week in week out is their flagship competition namely Million Dollar Tipping.

Million Dollar Tipping has been running for some years now and is a highlight of the AFL and NRL seasons for shrewd sports betting fans with a chance to win $10,000 each round.

Another stand out feature which Sportbet have been pushing for some time now is their Punters Club option.

This is a great way for you and a few mates to have a little fun and share the load of a betting syndicate, no need to keep the little black book anymore week in week out as Sportbet will keep an account of it all for you.

You will have no worries regarding any issues you may have with Sportsbet you can either email, call or chat live to one of their informed operatives and your questions will be answered and problems dealt with swiftly.

Sportsbet also have one of the best help sections for punters to check the most common questions regarding accounts.

Another new feature is the blog which Sportbet provide which has many video tutorials along with previews of the upcoming sports and racing markets for the week.

Sportsbet have put a lot of work into their blog and it is one of the best offered up to punters.

Sportsbet's Predictor Hub offers punters detailed stats on a wide choice of sports here in Australia and overseas with predict outcomes based on the data set.

Their form guide is one of the best out there will detailed accounts on all runners with speed maps, race predictor, runner comments, expert tips and a comparison tool.

Sportsbet Key Features

Sportsbet Live Streaming

Victorian horse racing and sports

Watch live sport online

Sportsbet.com.au offers a live streaming service, which provides online coverage of a variety of sports, including soccer, tennis, cricket and basketball.

To take advantage of our live streaming service, you must be a registered sportsbet.com.au user, and have a positive balance in your account.

To view a list of upcoming streams, visit the live betting section.

Live soccer streaming

Not only does sportsbet.com.au offer betting on a wide range of soccer tournaments and leagues around the world but registered users can also enjoy live streams of selected matches.

There are live streams of matches from Serie A, Carling Cup, Ligue 1, Liga Sagres and the Scottish Premier League.

Live cricket streaming

Watch a range of cricket matches, including one day internationals on your computer, thanks for sportsbet.com.au.

Live tennis streaming

Sportsbet.com.au provides streams of a range of tennis tournaments, including ATP 250 events.

Sportsbet ATM Card

The Sportsbet ATM card allows you to access your winnings instantly as.

It can be used to purchase items online, in store and everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Before use, the card requires activation.

Winnings must be transferred from your Sportsbet account to the card.

The card is not a credit or debit card and does not earn interest.

Card fees and load limits apply (refer to PDS for more details).

Card only available to eligible Sportsbet customers with a wagering account.

Sportsbet ATM Card FAQ's

Sportsbet ATM Card FAQ's

What is the Sportsbet Cash card?

The Sportsbet Cash card allows you to access your winnings instantly as cash from all ATMs and spend your winnings to buy things like you would with any EFTPOS card. Unlike a Visa card, this card is not suitable for transactions that are online or over the phone. Before use, the card requires activation and winnings must be transferred from the Sportsbet wagering account to the card. The card is not a credit or debit card and does not earn interest. Card fees and load limits apply (refer to PDS for more details). Card only available to eligible Sportsbet customers with a wagering account.

How do I qualify for a Sportsbet Cash card?

Your ID must be verified You must be an Australian Resident Your address details must be correct and up to date

How long does it take to receive my Sportsbet Cash card?

Your card will be posted via Australia Post. We aim for you to receive this within 7-10 business days, however in the event that you haven't received your card within 15 business days please contact our Customer Service team on 1800 188 238

How do I activate the card?

When first received in the mail your card will be inactive. To activate your card log in to the Sportsbet website or app and follow these three easy steps: Log in to the website or app Visit the My Account section Select Sportsbet Cash Enter your 9 digit card activation code from your PIN mailer. Your card is now active and ready to use! Having difficulties? Contact our customer service team on 1800 188 238

I lost my activation code, how do I activate my card?

You'll need to contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 990 907. Quote the numbers and letters on the back of your Cash Card.

How does my card work?

After your card is activated you can load it with winnings from your account which you can then use to withdraw cash or make purchases where EFTPOS is accepted.

How do I transfer winnings to my card?

To transfer funds to your card, log in to Sportsbet, click on the 'My Account' section, navigate to the 'Sportsbet Cash' section and then click on 'Withdraw winnings to Card.'

How long to transfer funds between my Sportsbet Account and my Sportsbet card?

Winnings from your SB Account are instantly transferred to your card. Your card balance should be updated immediately.

Can I get cash out at ATMs?

Yes, so long as you click the 'Savings' account and enter your 4 digit PIN you can get cash out at ATMs. You can also get cash out at over the counter (supermarkets, petrol stations etc) where EFTPOS is accepted. Note that regular ATM, and cash out fees do apply, EFTPOS purchases are free (refer to PDS for more details).

Can I use it like any other EFTPOS debit card?

Yes, so long as you click the 'Savings' account and enter your 4 digit PIN you can make purchases like you would with any EFTPOS card. This card is not suitable for transactions that are online or over the phone.

end faq

Sportsbet PowerPlay

Just like a power play in the cricket gives the batting side a chance to score more runs, Sportsbet's Power Play lets you score bigger odds!

More specifically, by using Power Play, you can power up your odds on Thoroughbreds, Greyhounds, Harness, Big Bash, the Australian Open tennis and the AFLW – with more sports to follow down the track.

You have one Power Play per day which you can use on any of the events mentioned above.

Sportsbet Power Play FAQ's

Sportsbet Power Play FAQ's

How do I use Power Play?

Using Power Play couldn’t be simpler. It’s as easy as adding a selection to your Bet Slip and tapping the powered button! Watch your odds increase and then place your bet as per usual (you will only use the Power Play once you confirm your bet). If you change your mind, you can tap the powered button before you place your bet to go back to the original odds.

Why can't I see my Power Play?

You will only see the Power Play button in your Bet Slip if you have one available and can be used on that selection. Power Play is only available for single Fixed Odds Win Bets in Racing. You can only use one Power Play per Event/Race Some Sports, events and markets may not be eligible.

Can I use a Bonus Bet with Power Play?

Bonus Bets are not available for use with Power Play.

Can I use Power Play in a Multi Bet?

Power Play is not available for use in a Multi Bet. If you add your Power Played selection to your Multi, you will get the original Odds for that selection.

Can I Cash Out my Power Play Bet?

You can Cash Out any AFL bets if Cash Out is offered for that selection. Cash Out is not available for Racing Bets. Cashing Out your Power Played Bet is available via Pending Bet History.

Can I use Power Play in Punters club?

YYes, your Punters Club will have their own daily Power Play. If you use it in Punters Club, it does not affect your personal Power Play for use that day

Will Deductions apply to my Power Play Bet?

Yes, standard Deduction rules apply to all Fixed Odds Bets, including Bets placed using Power Play

What happens to my Power Play if my Selection is Scratched or Voided?

This counts as your Power Play being used.

Is my Power Play Bet eligible for Promotions?

Yes, your Power Play Bet is eligible for Money Back Special Promotions.

end faq

Sportsbet Cash Out

Cash Out puts you in charge of your bet by offering you a payout at any stage after your bet is placed and before your event ends.

You will be offered a Cash Out amount immediately after you have placed your bet

The amount offered will fluctuate as the odds of your bet increase and decrease

Any bet placed can be cashed out online except live bets placed over the phone

Any live bet placed over the phone can only be cashed out over the phone

Sportsbet Cash Out FAQ's

Sportsbet Cash Out FAQ's

How do I cash out my bet?

The way you are able to cash out will depend on the way that you placed your bet, if you have made your bet online, you will be able to cash out online before and during the event. If you made a live bet over the phone, you will need to contact phone betting on 13BETS to perform a cash out. Some bets may not be able to be cashed out once a match starts if the game is not offered live or if the event is currently suspended for revision of odds.

How is my Cash Out value calculated?

Your Cash Out Value is calculated immediately after you place your Bet. That calculation is based on multiple factors that will be unique to your Bet, Event and/or Selection and based on the: amount staked; price at the time the bet was placed; and current price at the time of the Cash Out.

What do I need to do to place a Bet with the Cash Out feature?

The Cash Out icon will alert you to a Cash Out event or market. Check that the Event or Market has the Cash Out symbol visible. Once you have added your selection to your Betslip, you should see a Cash Out icon next to the selection. Make sure you use funds from your Sportsbet account to finalise your Bet. Using a Bonus Bet will remove the Cash Out feature. You will be offered a Cash Out amount immediately after you have placed your Bet.

Why wasn't I able to Cash Out my Bet after the match started?

Cash Out is only available during an event if it was offered on Bet placement and it is being traded Live. The Cash Out feature is unavailable if the market or event has been: suspended during play suspended by our trading team before play resulted but not yet settled, or; made unavailable for betting. Example 1: When at least one Leg of your MultiBet was placed Live In a 5 leg multi, if the 4th leg has been resulted but not settled, Cash Out won't be available even though there is still one more leg to go. As soon as the 4th leg has been settled, Cash Out should again become available. Example 2: Head to Head bet without Live odds If you placed your Bet before the event, but the event/market isn't traded Live, you won't be able to Cash Out once it begins.

Where can I Cash Out my Bet?

I placed my Bet before the Event. As long as the conditions in the answers above don't apply, you can cash out on: Desktop Mobile Telebet (Phone Betting) I placed my Bet, or a leg of my MultiBet Live over the phone. You'll have to give the Phone Betting team a call if you want to talk Cash Out your Bet. Example 1: Head to Head bet with Live odds If you placed your Bet Live through the Phone Betting service, you'd need to call Phone Betting again in order to Cash Out. Example 2: Head to Head bet without Live odds If you placed your Bet before the event through the Phone Betting service, you'd have the ability to Cash Out before the event starts Online OR by calling Phone Betting Example 3: As part of a MultiBet If you've placed a 5 leg multi and the first Leg was a Live Bet, you would need to call Phone Betting to Cash Out regardless of when the remaining legs kicked off.

end faq

Sportsbet Punters Club

Punters Club allows you to create a single betting account for you and your mates.

You can set your own rules, betting rounds and contributions.

Funds are taken from your Sportsbet account and placed into a pool so you can back more Winners left, right and centre! It's banter and betting.

How does Punters Club Work?

Existing Sportsbet customers can create a new Punters Club and invite their friends to join.

Simply set the rules, activate the Club and you're away.

Take turns placing Bets and see the winners roll in.

You can transfer your Club Winnings to your personal Sportsbet account and Withdraw like you normally do!

Do I need to have an existing Sportsbet account to create or join a Punters Club?

Yes, you need to have a Sportsbet account to join a Punters Club.

Creating a Sportsbet account is nice and easy!

Non-members can be invited but need to join Sportsbet first before entering a Punters Club.

Can I send an invite to non-Sportsbet members?

Yes, you can invite non-Sportsbet members. However, they need to have a Sportsbet account to join a Punters Club.

Sportsbet The Fold

Bail out of your Racing Bet in the run.

Bet a sure winner only to see them miss the jump?

The Fold allows you to cancel a Single Win only Bet and get your full stake back once per day during the race.

Sportsbet The Fold FAQ's

Sportsbet The Fold FAQ's

How do I access The Fold?

You can access The Fold on eligible Australian/NZ Thoroughbred races in the Race Card denoted by The Fold icon:

How much time do I have to Fold?

You’ll get a reasonable amount of time to fold, keep an eye on The Fold timer!

Can I Fold more than one Bet?

You get one Fold per day to use on eligible Australian/NZ Thoroughbred races, with the option to fold any one of your Single Win bets on an eligble race.

When do I get my Stake back?

You’ll get your full stake back when the bets are settled for that Race. Heads Up: If the funds you used to Bet are non-withdrawable, the stake return you receive after using The Fold will also be non-withdrawable.

Why can't I Fold my Bet?

The fold is only available on single, win only bets You may have already used your Fold for the day The Fold may not be eligible on your selected race (you will see the fold icon on eligible races These Tracks are ineligible for The Fold: Adelaide River Atherton Ayr Beverley Birdsville Bong Bong Cheltenham Gisborne Kingscote Omoto Riccarton Park Southwell Stratford Tennantcreek Timaru

Can I use a Bonus Bet with The Fold?

The Fold is not available for Bets placed with Bonus Bets.

Can I Fold a Bet where I used a Power Play?

Yes, however you won't get your Power Play back.

Can I use The Fold in a Multi Bet?

The Fold is only available for Single, Win only Bets.

Can I use The Fold in a Punters Club?

The Fold is not available in Punters Club.

end faq

Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping

Million Dollar Tipping is the biggest free competition in Australia when it comes to online betting sites.

you can win $10k each round during the AFL and NRL season with the grand prize winner walking away with a staggering $100k.

Sportsbet Information

Website URL


Deposit Options

Bank Transfer, BPay, Credit/Debit Card, Skrill, PayPal, POLi

Withdrawal Options

Sportsbet ATM Card, Bank transfer, Skrill, Paypal, Credit/Debit Card

Minimum Deposit


Minimum Withdrawal


Minimum Bet

$0.50 online bets, telephone betting minimum $50 for racing, $20 for sports

Odds Format







Email, Phone, FAQ Section, Live Chat

Mobile APP

Apple and Android devices


Leave Your Sportsbet Review

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Sportsbet are one of my top three sports betting sites due to many reasons, they just seem to tick all the boxes.

Great features and bonus offers and being a competition junkie their offering regards Million Dollar Tipping is second to none.

Sportsbet's mobile app is also one of my favourites and when betting on the go that's a big plus.

Notable Products

Punters Club, The Fold, Multi Builder, Live Streaming, Cash Out, Power Play, ATM Card

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