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Betting Man has reviewed TopBetta giving a detailed account of what they have to offer punters in regards key products and services which will enhance your punting experience, key areas are listed below.



TopBetta are one of the smaller online betting sites here in Australia but they are one of the remaining Australian owned betting sites and they are improving rapidly.

Once again like so many of the smaller betting sites they have recently had a complete face lift and have improved their software regarding both their online betting platform and their mobile betting app.

One feature that sets TopBetta apart from the rest is their investment in tournament play in which they are well and truly the current market leaders.

Each week TopBetta provide several opportunities for punters to compete against each other through either fantasy dream teams or tipping competitions and the winnings are determined by the number of people who entered the tournament and paid the stake money to play.

Some tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool and TopBetta stump up big money in these tournaments regardless of the number of participants.

Betting Man Opinion

I held off for a while when reviewing Topbetta as I could see that they were in a transitional phase and due to the fact that their tournament concept is such a good thing.

I didn't want anyone who was reading this review to be put off as the software on the website and mobile app was a little lacking but now that they have improved in both areas I can now start pointing you in TopBetta's direction.

TopBetta have made great strides in such a short time regarding their online betting platform and mobile app with new betting features, more functionality, better promotions and several new areas built into their website bringing them in line with more established, experienced sports betting sites.

The new look website is pleasing on the eye and set out in such a way that even the novice punter can navigate through quickly and find whatever they are looking for.

Due to the fact that TopBetta have chosen a different avenue regarding the tournaments they offer they have set up an excellent how to section that covers all aspects of tournament play.

TopBetta Key Features

The Global Tote

The Global Tote is a world-first wholesale tote that combines the liquidity from markets around the world.

The conduit between corporate bookmakers and racing bodies globally.

It provides an opportunity for Racing Bodies to expand their products internationally while maintaining integrity and at the same time, gaining added revenues from international markets.

The Global Tote is a new breed tote system without restrictions on size of events and entrants meaning that in addition to racing products.

The Global Tote can operate on major sporting events such as The Tour De France, US Open Golf, Wimbledon tennis and many other major sporting and racing events.


TopBetta’s betting tournaments are our great point of difference.

There is simply nothing like them in the industry.

Our racing and sports betting tournaments allow you to compete against like-minded punters, not the bookie.

TopBetta betting tournaments are for anyone on any budget.

We have tournaments for the punter who likes to have $5 each-way on a ‘good thing’ on a Saturday, and we have ‘High Rollers’ tournaments for those who have a few more dollars to spend.

The beauty of TopBetta’s betting tournaments is that anyone can win.

If you’re a battler in life or if life has been good to you, it doesn’t matter as everyone starts equal.

We give you your starting bank and the rest is up to you and your betting knowledge and/or luck on the day.

Anyone can win a TopBetta tournament and anyone has won a TopBetta betting tournament.

With real cash prize pools available every day TopBetta has a betting tournament that is right for you.

Catering for all budgets and all tastes, there is no better way to ‘Get in the Game’ than with TopBetta.


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I must admit I have always been a bit of a dream team and tipping nut so hats off to TopBetta for going out on a limb and trying to create a similar format of punting as they have over in the good old United States.

If they keep promoting this well and gain a following you may well see Topbetta turning into one of the biggest success stories in recent years.

Their website and mobile app are now also solid making them one to watch out for in the coming years, TopBetta seem to update their software more than any other betting site at the moment in a bid to get into the big boy league.

Also watch out for the development of the Global Tote which could well rival the normal day to day totes we see due to the lower margins that are taken out meaning higher dividends for punters.

Competitions, tournament play TopBetta have it all and the speed in which they are improving is frightening. 

Notable Products

Global Tote

Tournament Play


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